Mantroshine distributes different kinds of building material: mainly fire proof, water resistant MegaBoard, thermal insulation, sound absorption Perlite, and Ademat Laminated Wood Flooring form German Technology, hence more abrasion-proof.  Ademat requires less paving time, no surplus gap, precise rabber joint and endure more tension. As well as strong waterproof property. Compared to otherfloors, Ademat Floorsdurability doubles.

Mantroshine distributes many well-known brand network products such as 3M, Siemens, Channel as well as supplying a comprehensive range of network products, tools and equipment. We introduced the High Capacity Fiber Tray MarkII and MarkIV to the industry, which have been adapted by local network service providers successfully for many years.  Mantroshine will keeps supply quality network products and brings new innovation into our Network solution.

3M has been creating innovative firestop systems for more than 25 years, 3M Fire Protection Products (FPP) help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes.  They're easy to install and approved for a wide variety of firestop applications by Underwriter's Laboratories, Warnock-Hersey, Factory mutual and Omega Point Laboratories.  In fast, 3M is one of the manufacturers that can provide fully tested systems to firestop all of these scenarios: through-penetrations, perimeter joints, top-of wall gaps, structural steel, emergency circuitry and grease/air ducts. Mantroshine is 3M FPP Sole Agency in H.K.


Mantroshine Co is a Distributor of 3M products mainly in telecommunication field and Electrical Products. The 3M brand is recognized and trusted around the globe, it's innovation products are also market leading in the market. We bring 3M quality products to customers and provide you maximum satisfaction.



HID Corporation is the world leader in Proximity products. HID was formed in 1991 as a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft and was acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2001. Their systems can also combine biometrics and card authentication by requiring a fingerprint and card to be presented for access.

Facing the threat of energy shortage and high awareness of the environmental protection, we introduce Magic Chip fuel saving device. It uses infrared and magnetic energy to enhance the combustion thus reduces gas consumption. It also reduces the exhaust emission.
Last update: 24.10.2005